Your 2020 Impact


Animals welcomed through our doors

Colorado Springs
Douglas County
A second chance

With members of our community spending more time at home due to COVID-19, HSPPR saw fewer animals surrendered to us, fewer animals returned after adoption, and fewer stray animals brought in. A great thing for pets and people in our community! HSPPR will always have open doors for any animal in need, like Notchka!

Notchka’s Happy Tail

In October, HSPPR impounded 78 cats and kittens during a cruelty investigation.

Most of the cats needed medical treatment for ringworm and upper respiratory infection (URI), while several needed extended care, including Notchka.

Since Notchka had been exposed to ringworm, she received a lime-sulfur bath and was quarantined for 14 days. Additionally, she was dehydrated, her right eye was crusted shut and swollen, and she had a URI.

Notchka’s lab work showed she was positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which was attacking her immune system, making her more prone to infection. She also had an eye ulcer and needed surgery to remove the eye.

After surgery, Notchka needed medication every hour, so was sent to a foster home. After several weeks with her foster mom, she knew Notchka had already found a new home with her and she officially made Notchka part of her family!


Animals adopted

Animals adopted from Colorado Springs
Animals adopted from Pueblo
adoptions & happy tails

Your lifesaving support makes an impact on homeless pets. 2020 brought new and different challenges to HSPPR. While fewer animals came through our doors, we saw an increase in families interested in adopting. At one point in April 2020, we had adopted out every dog available, and on a separate occasion that month, also adopted out every available cat as well! Your kindness gave each animal the care they needed.

We can’t thank you enough for giving these animals a second chance!

Jazzmin’s Happy Tail

It started with a call from the pet ER. They had a case of suspected animal cruelty, and they asked our Animal Law Enforcement officers to investigate. 

The veterinarian told us this sweet girl, named Jazzmin, had a bone that was broken in half and there was another healing fracture near her knee. We impounded Jazzmin for her safety while we continued to investigate. During an exam at HSPPR, we found she had signs of an embedded muzzle on her nose and a fractured hip. 

Because Jazzmin’s injuries were so severe and indicated a history of abuse, we had enough evidence to charge her previous owners with cruelty to animals. With multiple injuries to her back leg, Jazzmin needed an amputation. 

After a long surgery, she was finally free from her painful leg, and she couldn’t be happier! This six-month-old was full of energy and loved getting belly rubs from everyone she met. After she was medically cleared, Jazzmin was scooped up by a loving new family. 

Jazzmin wouldn’t be here without you! Your kindness saved her from a life of pain and abuse and found her the home she deserves!


Missing animals reunited with their families

Colorado Springs
Douglas County
Meet Kush
In April, a dog named Kush was surrendered to HSPPR; he had stomach issues his owner couldn’t resolve. Kush was quickly adopted, however, it didn’t work out and he was returned in June. We had just made him available again when a family came in to adopt a dog. Their dog had gone missing a year ago and the devastated family finally felt ready to adopt again. As they browsed our available dogs, they saw Kush and remarked on how much he looked like the dog they’d lost. We brought Kush out to meet them and it turned out Kush was their missing dog! The happy family was reunited!
5,506 Animals provided medical rehab

Pets come to HSPPR in all kinds of medical conditions. Some are happy, healthy pets who just need a new place to call home. Others need extensive medical care to repair a broken leg or medication to recover from an illness. It’s thanks to donors like you that we are able to medically rehabilitate pets that come through our doors. 

Because of YOUR generosity, pets get a second chance at a happy, healthy life.

Bert’s Happy Tail

After finding Bert as a stray in Pueblo and seeing the condition of his eyes, one kind family brought him to HSPPR for care. Bert had entropion, a condition where the eyelids turn inward, and the eyelashes scratch the corneas. One of his eyes was too damaged to repair, so we had to remove it. But his other eye was not as damaged, so we performed a surgery to reverse the direction of his eyelids, and he was able to keep his eye! 

When nobody came forward to claim Bert as their own, the family who found him decided to adopt him. It’s because of donors like you that Bert got the medical care he needed and found a loving home!


calls responded to by Animal Law Enforcement

Meet tortilla

When Tortilla arrived as part of a 26-dog impound in September, it was clear he was undersocialized. We placed him in foster care, where he could work on his shyness.

After just a few weeks, he was then adopted by one of our very own staff members after she had recently lost a chihuahua of her own. According to her, “Tortilla was the perfect fella to bring light to my life once again!”

Thanks to our amazing supporters, we had the resources to take in these 26 dogs and get them the help they needed before going to loving families.


spay/neutered animals

In addition to neutering 7,249 adopted pets, we sterilized 3,119 pets for members of the public – even more impressive because we couldn’t perform nonemergency surgeries, including spays and neuters, for a few months in 2020!

Wellness Waggin’

Unveiled in 2019, the Wellness Waggin’ was on track to help thousands of pets receive vaccinations and basic medical wellness services in 2020. But in March, our region went into lockdown and HSPPR had to cancel all events. 

The Wellness’ Waggin’ hit the road in the summer of 2020, but by late fall, HSPPR had to pump the breaks and park the Waggin’ once again. 

Despite these setbacks, we saw 2,316 pets owned by members of the community, including 11 dogs at the Veterans Stand Down event (an event helping homeless veterans) in collaboration with Street Pets.

Making a difference

Food: 85,712 pounds

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our sponsor, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, for supplying $156,112.59 worth of cat and dog food through their Food, Shelter, Love program.

Trap, Neuter, Return: 2,050

When surgeries were halted due to COVID-19, the cat population in Pueblo continued to grow. To combat this, our team created a Community Kitten Care Program. This is where Trap/Neuter/Return colony managers take in kittens born in the colony as fosters and work to socialize them.

When the kittens were old enough and the surgery ban was lifted, they were brought into the shelter, neutered, and placed for adoption. Creating this program cut down on the amount of community cats in the Pueblo area while also making sure these kittens go into loving homes!

Transfer program: 2,168

In October, HSPPR received its first transport of 15 dogs from Hobbs, New Mexico via airplane! The two-hour flight is much less stressful on the dogs than the normal 10-hour drive. Another flight in November brought an additional 26 puppies and dogs to HSPPR.

Sunny’s Happy Tail

A single, very young female kitten was found in the Pueblo community. The woman who found her couldn’t care for her but did decide to name her Sunny. Knowing Sunny would need to be bottle fed, our Community Cat Coordinator reached out to another experienced cat colony manager, Samantha.

After a few weeks, Sunny was eating on her own and had gained weight. She was on her way to adoption when she suddenly fell ill. She was brought to the shelter with a fever and was lethargic. Our veterinary team decided she needed to stay at the shelter so that we could give her fluids and monitor her condition.

Soon we discovered that she had contracted calicivirus. She was put into quarantine at the shelter and was provided the proper treatment. While Sunny was in our care, we received a call from Samantha’s husband. He stated that his family had fallen in love with Sunny and that he wanted to arrange a secret adoption for their 16th year wedding anniversary. We assured him that we would love to make those arrangements!

Sunny soon recovered from calicivirus and was returned to Samantha for further fostering because she was still so young. So, we arranged for the secret adoption to occur during Sunny’s last health check, when she would be brought back to the shelter and cleared for public adoption.

When Samantha brought in Sunny for the last time, she thought that would be the end of their love story. Then, HSPPR staff and Samantha’s husband came around the corner with a certificate of adoption! Samantha’s husband explained the reason he was there was because they would be adopting Sunny, as he knew how much Samantha had gotten attached to caring for her. Samantha was in shock and started crying — she couldn’t believe it!

It’s thanks to donors like you who make these love stories possible. If it weren’t for your generosity and kindness, we wouldn’t have the resources to run the Community Kitten Care program and get pets like Sunny into the homes they deserve.

2,084 animals fostered

Daffodil and Rose, a bonded pair of rabbits, were underweight when they arrived at our Pueblo shelter. We sent them to live with a foster for two months who helped them recover on a special diet.

Living with a foster saved their lives and it didn’t take long for these two to get adopted by a new family!

Your kindness saves more than just dogs and cats. Hundreds of small animals like Daffodil and Rose get the care they need and find new homes, all because of you.

Youth Programs: 977 camp virtual views

In March, in-person programming stopped, and summer camp was reimagined. Virtual camp offered students a unique experience to learn about animal welfare.

494 volunteers

Volunteers gave their time so generously to help us accomplish so much last year. In fact, in 2020, they put in a whopping 112,896 hours of time at the shelter!

Volunteer Spotlight: Marilyn schrepel

Marilyn Schrepel started volunteering at HSPPR 10 years ago when she found herself without a dog. Her busy work schedule wasn’t conducive to having a pet, so volunteering gave her the flexibility to get her much-needed dog fix and help the local shelter. 

She’s an adoption matchmaker, a Trap/Neuter/Return volunteer, and when a litter of puppies needs fostering, Marilyn is standing by. Her gift of time is invaluable, but she also gives to HSPPR monthly through the Happy Tails League. When asked why, Marilyn says she sees the good that is done, but also the great need.

“I would like the community to know that while there are certainly sad stories, this is a place where good things happen every single day. Sometimes they are simple and sometimes they are monumental.”

We think what you do is pretty monumental, Marilyn!

Pet of the Week: 647 featured animals

Thank you to our media friends who promote our animals and get so many adopted! Put your paws together for 95.5 KPHT, the Colorado Springs Independent, The Gazette, KKTV 11 News, KRDO News Channel 13 and KRDO 1240 AM/1055FM, KXRM FOX 21, Mountain Country, My 99.9, SUNNY (106.3), the Pueblo Chieftain, Pikes Peak Bulletin, Rev 89, and RXP (103.9).

Covid-19 Impact

How did COVID-19 impact the pets in the Pikes Peak Region? Read on to find out!


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