More Happy Tails

faith's Happy Tail

You saved Faith’s life! Faith was found locked in a crate under a tree in a churchyard. She was extremely emaciated, lethargic, and scared. When she arrived at Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR), she was weak with hunger and losing her fur. Our veterinary team took great care to get Faith back on track. They determined that, other than being malnourished, Faith was healthy, so she went to a foster home to receive the care she needed. 

But thanks to you, Faith is thriving! You would never believe such a loving and happy puppy had such a rough start in life. Her amazing spirit won the hearts of staff members, volunteers, and her new family. The wonderful people who brought her to HSPPR were set on adopting her from the beginning. They placed a choice hold on Faith so they could adopt her as soon as she was ready. 

When the day came to take Faith home, her new Mom began crying at the sight of her. She was overwhelmed at the transformation Faith had made, and how happy and healthy she was.

Because of you, Faith received the second chance she deserved. Faith had no idea that kind people like you even existed … that because of you, she’ll receive everything she needs … more than she ever dreamed possible.

popeye’s Happy Tail

Popeye was born at HSPPR. Her mother (Button) came in as a stray and was very pregnant. Just six days later, she gave birth to five kittens, including Popeye. Button and her babies went to foster care shortly after their birth. 

At just four weeks old, Popeye developed an infection, a corneal ulcer, and abnormal spasms, all in her right eye. After more than a week of treatments, our veterinary team determined that her eye wasn’t improving, and she needed to have it removed. After her surgery, Popeye went back to foster care to continue healing and growing. 

Four weeks later, Popeye was feeling better, and after getting spayed, she was ready to find a new home. This spritely kitten wasn’t slowed down by her missing eye. In fact, she barely even noticed! She was continually purring for attention and playing with anything she could find. It only took a few days for Popeye to win over her new family. 

Popeye is just one of the hundreds of kittens that go through foster care every year. Because of you, Popeye and all her kitten friends receive the care they need to grow up big and strong. Their tiny paws are safe in our hands, and you can smile knowing you’re the reason for their happy tails. 

Beth’s Happy Tail

You gave Beth a second chance!

Beth, a 5-year-old heeler, was transferred to Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region from one of our rescue partners in Colorado. She originally came from a hoarding situation and was very timid. When she arrived at HSPPR, our veterinary team noticed she was also obese and had several masses. 

Beth received bloodwork, spay surgery, and surgery to remove her masses. The removed masses were sent off for further testing, and one of them was found to be a type of cancer called mammary carcinoma. Since we were able to remove the entire mass and there was a low likelihood of the cancer spreading, she was cleared for adoption. But she would need a special home that would monitor her health issues with a veterinarian. Luckily, Beth didn’t have to wait long to find the perfect home. She was adopted quickly and is so happy with her new family.

Your generous gift gave the animals at HSPPR so much love. Because of you, Beth and other animals like her are receiving lifesaving care. The love you show for homeless pets in our community is the reason for happy tails like Beth’s. Without your kindness, none of this would be possible. Thank you! 

Duncan’s Happy Tail

Duncan arrived as a stray with an injured leg. He couldn’t use his back leg and was dragging it when he walked. After X-Rays, our veterinary team found that Duncan had a significant fracture that couldn’t be healed. So to relieve Duncan of pain, his back leg was amputated.

He needed a few days to heal and adjust to walking on three legs. But once free of his painful leg, this sweet boy was eager to receive attention and chin scratches. Duncan got scooped up by a new family shortly after becoming available for adoption and is now so happy in his new home.

His story wouldn’t be possible without you! Because of you, Duncan and other animals like him received the care they needed during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you for showing compassion to animals in your community and giving them the second chance they deserve!

Ressy’s Happy Tail

My name is Ressy. You saved my life.

I was surrendered to Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region-Pueblo. I was terrified and struggling to adjust in the shelter. But the behavior program staff at HSPPR didn’t give up on me! They would bring me treats and take me for walks. By the end of my time there, I was chasing balls and leaning in for pets. But I still needed more help to be ready for a new home, so I was sent to a transfer partner where I could learn to be my best self.

Because of your kindness, I got a second chance at a happy, healthy life.

You have a big heart. THANK YOU!

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